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Tire Vulcanization is Available At:
London Tire Sales | Strathroy Tire Sales & Service

XSERVICEX in Strathroy, ON

Vulcanization is a chemical process that strengthens rubber, usually through the addition of sulfur or other curatives. For business owners and farmers, vulcanization is also a cost-effective way to save a damaged tire from an early retirement. If you own heavy-duty tires with puncture damage, then contact us today see if your tires are eligible for repair through vulcanization.

We fill in gaps and punctures to return a quality tire with improved durability that saves you money.

We serve Strathroy, ON, London, ON, Lobo, ON, and surrounding areas.

Contact London Tire Sales for info on Vulcanizing Contact Us for More Info on VUlcanizing

Michelin Bfgoodrich Uniroyal

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