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Our Selection of Tires in London, Ontario

Your one-stop shop for top-quality tires, like Goodyear®, in London, Ontario
Working in the transport industry is not an easy ride! You have to worry about transporting orders across the country, coordinating routes, ensuring your drivers are comfortable and safe, and above all, keeping your customers and suppliers happy.

To guarantee that everything runs smoothly, you should start by checking that your vehicle is equipped with reliable tires that have sufficient traction and shock absorption. At London Tire Sales, in London, Ontario, we stock new and used tires from leading brands, like Goodyear®.

Top brands that you can trust!
If you buy Goodyear® tires from our store in London, Ontario, your vehicle is likely to perform well for a long time to come.

In addition to Goodyear®, there are thousands of reputable models to choose from at London Tire Sales. We hold partnerships with a variety of leading tire manufacturers; whether you are looking for Firestone®, Michelin®, or Pirelli® tires, we’ve got you covered!

Not only do we sell exceptional tires, we also have a comprehensive range of them! If you have a fleet of trucks, trailers, or other commercial vehicles, we’ve got tires for your every need.

Find tires for any driving conditions
We supply tires with all sorts of safety features, keeping you safe in all driving conditions. Our selection includes:

  • All-season tires to cover you all year round.
  • Winter tires that survive the harsh cold.
  • Summer tires for when the snow has melted.
  • All-terrain tires for the best traction out there!
  • Fuel-efficient tires that can help you save on gas.
  • Performance tires for the best handling and stability.
  • Run-on-flat tires that allow you to keep going even with a puncture!

The tire experts
At London Tire Sales, we have been making sure vehicles run on the best tires in the business since 1971! Are you hesitating between Goodyear® and Michelin®? Are you unsure which safety feature you need? Feel free to contact us or, alternatively, visit one of our three locations in Ontario. Our friendly members of staff will be more than happy to help!