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The Best Place for Bridgestone and Firestone Tires in London, Ontario

Bridgestone and Firestone have such an established history that their names are practically synonymous with tires. You can find countless brands of tires, including Bridgestone and Firestone, at London Tire Sales’ three convenient locations in Southwest Ontario.

Be sure to reach your destination with Bridgestone tires
We stock an array of Bridgestone tires to meet your vehicle’s needs, whatever they may be. Known for delivering maximum performance, you can’t go wrong with a set of Bridgestone tires from London Tire Sales in London, Ontario!

Delivering on all of the qualities you expect from a Bridgestone tire, and then some, the brand new DriveGuard tire is not to be missed. While a sharp nail would usually stop you in your tracks, these tough tires can keep going for up to 80 kilometers! With DriveGuard tires from London Tire Sales, you might never have to worry about being late again!

Firestone tires’ claim to fame!
Firestone has been famous for it’s innovations since it was chosen as the original tire maker for the Ford Model T. Their tires also became a favourite on the racetrack when they whizzed across the finish line in first place at the Indy 500.

Are you looking for tires that can handle icy surfaces, resist wear and deliver a smooth ride? Firestone tires - available from London Tire Sales in London, Ontario - are perfect for you!With exceptional handling, response, and performance, Firestone tires are a sound choice for vehicle owners in London, Ontario.

Firestone’s quality tires are available at a range of prices, meaning everyone can enjoy their benefits! Whether you own a sedan, minivan, sports car, SUV, or light van, you’re sure to drive away feeling happy!

Come to us for the ride of your life!
At London Tire Sales, we offer a vast selection of Bridgestone and Firestone tires to vehicle owners in London, Ontario, and the surrounding areas. Get in touch with our experts to find out about prices and our latest promotions.

®Bridgestone owned by Bridgestone Corporation, used under license.
®Firestone owned in Canada by Bridgestone Licensing Services, Inc., used under license.